Regina wants your help to make doors more disability-friendly. What will you build this weekend?

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Diagnosed with four different cancers and a brain cyst since 2001, Regina Pontes says she’s lucky.
One cancer was discovered when Pontes, a singer, noted hoarseness in her voice. Another was revealed following a routine mammogram, which had worried doctors calling Pontes back in for more tests.
“I told them, “˜Now I know how Cindy Crawford feels,'” Pontes said. “Everyone always wants to take her picture.
Pontes’s upbeat attitude was tested following the removal of a large number of lymph nodes from her right side and ensuing severe bouts of cellulitis, which nearly forced the amputation of her right arm. Skin burns from the radiation kept her out of work longer than planned.
Not only that, but a brain tumor re-diagnosed as a cyst during surgery exploded, causing spinal fluid leaks and meningitis that nearly killed Pontes “” and a stroke in August 2011 left her in a wheelchair, without the use of her left hand.

Regina Pontes (here) is an amazing woman and has asked Grand Hack participants to hear her pitch on what she’d like you all to build this weekend… think “Open Sesame!” Check out Regina’s presentation and videos below to learn more why people with disabilities need doorways that are engineered better.

Regina has kindly volunteered her phone number for anyone who wants to call her this weekend and learn more about the challenges she faces.

(Talk to Lina from the MIT HackMed team this weekend to learn more.)

What will you build this weekend?


Check out Regina’s presentation: Open Sesame!

Part 1 of the video:


Part 2 of the video:


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