MIT Media Lab – Health and Wellness Innovation 2012 – Come hack to save healthcare

By November 17, 2011 October 13th, 2018 Uncategorized
We are extremely excited to be helping out The New Media Medicine Group at the Media Lab.  Checkout the details below!
The MIT Media Lab is proud to announce that the Health and Wellness Innovation event is back for its third year!  Researchers, hackers, physicians, and industry experts, in one location, creating disruptive healthcare technologies today.The Challenge: Healthcare is in crisis; every year we spend more and get less.  At the core of the crisis is a lack of patient engagement.

Why: To learn what is working and what is not.  To meet a team of hackers, researchers, physicians, and industry pros.  To solve the healthcare crisis and save lives.  Oh yeah and if you aren’t convinced, there are $10,000 in prizes generously donated by Spark Capital.

When: Join us for two weeks from January 17th – January 27th, 2012.  Together we are going to build the next generation of technologies to engage and empower patients and save healthcare.

How: Apply now:

Healthcare needs you, come be part of the solution.