Less than 24 Hours to Hacking Medicine: Final Thoughts

By October 21, 2011 October 13th, 2018 Uncategorized

Don’t forget to join us for the Massive Health happy hour at Mead Hall in Cambridge at the end of Saturday (approx 6pm).

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing.  In 2009 we spent 17.9% of GDP and rising on healthcare, and for all this expense we aren’t even getting high quality care.

We can do better.  We MUST do better.  We need to dramatically bend the cost curve in healthcare, expand access to care and improve the quality of care across the board.  To do this we need innovation and entrepreneurship to move at the speed we see in software and on the web.  We can do this in healthcare and medicine.

We created Hacking Medicine at MIT in order to help students and members of the community learn about the hackable areas of medicine, find like minded team members, and dive in on new projects that hold the promise to become disruptive healthcare companies.

MIT, the birthplace of hacking, is the perfect place to launch this effort.  Entrepreneurship is in our blood here and we are also home to some of the world’s leading research medical devices, software, and biosensors.  By combining our hacking culture with the research happening on campus, with Harvard Medical School, MGH and the rest of the medical community around Boston we can dramatically impact healthcare for the better.

As we have seen across this week’s blog posts, the intersection of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Materials Engineering, and Biological Engineering is creating new opportunities in Healthcare Automation, Big Data, Biosensing, and Synthetic Biology.  These technologies hold the promise to enable us to drive costs down while simultaneously improving access and quality of care.  This is possible because YOU a group of optimistic engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs refuse to accept a trade-off between quality, access, and cost.  We refuse to live in a world of no-win scenarios.

The response to this call for action has been overwhelming.  We had more than twice the number of applications than we can accomodate at this year’s event.  We truly appreciate the energy and dedication that everyone has shown leading up to this weekend and are extremely excited to see the projects that come out of the weekend.

The agenda is posted here: http://hackingmedicine.mit.edu/conference/agenda.

Come ready to share ideas and create new ones.

Bring your laptop, bring your creativity, and most importantly bring your passion to change healthcare.

Written by Elliot Cohen, a Founding Hacker for Hacking Medicine.