BWH & MIT H@cking Medicine – Joint Hackathon | September 20-22nd


Sept 20-22nd.  @BWHiHUB @HackMedMIT

Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Physicians, Designers, and Scientists:

You are invited the inaugural joint hack-a-thon between Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and H@cking Medicine!

This event brings together innovative, forward-thinking minds to change the status quo and create disruptive solutions in healthcare today. You are needed to help drive the much-needed change in healthcare.

The weekend hackathon takes place September 20 – 22. with a kick-off social event Friday to meet the other attendees at BWH with light bites and refreshments. The hackathon will start Saturday morning and will take place at the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center at BWH.  In addition, BWH will provide nourishment for the weekend. Please see the agenda below for more details about the logistics for the event.

To participate, apply by Monday, September 16th. Bring your skills, your ideas, or both. 110 of applicants will be selected to participate.

 Click here to apply

This hack-a-thon will bring together a diverse, multidisciplinary group to “pitch” problems impacting healthcare, develop solutions over a two-day period, and then present demos of your solutions to a panel of judges for recognition and honors.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to collaborate with experts in a variety of fields and novices with infectious passion, pitch an idea for transforming a current health care process and together, ‘hack’ or devise a real solution. These solutions could be as straightforward as a wireframe sketch, or might require running to a local store for parts to build a prototype, or reaching out to a physician to ask a pressing question for a mobile app. The ultimate result could be the beginning of the next big health care transformation.

End the weekend with a team, new connections, and prizes with potential access to BWH’s iHub resources (see below), and a hack on its first steps towards disrupting healthcare. Past teams at hack-a-thons just like this one have gone on to found companies, enter business plan competitions (MIT 100K), join an accelerator, and secure venture funding.


About H@cking Medicine

H@cking Medicine seeks to create an ecosystem at MIT, hosting the Boston medical community and beyond to teach entrepreneurs and clinicians the skills necessary to launch disruptive healthcare businesses.  They have been hacking healthcare since 2011 with several successful Hackathons.