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Navigating the dataset

On the server that we’ve provided, you can explore the capabilities of each dataset without downloading the dataset. However, to truly delve deeper into a particular dataset, we recommend that you download the CSV version of the dataset you’re interested in from our server and use Excel, Python, or R to analyze the data. To learn more about navigating the provided datasets, you are encouraged to attend the data demo session at 2PM on Thursday or refer to Epidemico’s reference document.

External Datasets, Tools, and Documentation

Documentation of useful external resources and tools as well as internal resources (as provided by Epidemico) can be found in Epidemico’s reference document.

Infectious Disease Outbreak Reports - ProMED-mail

52,000+ infectious disease reports spanning 1994 – 2016. Reports detail location of outbreak, time stamp of report, pathogen implicated in outbreak event, and message body. Reports are linked so multiple reports chronicling one outbreak event are listed in chronological order.

Merged Land-Ocean Global Surface Temperature - NOAA

Spatially gridded (5° × 5°) global surface temperature dataset, with monthly resolution from January 1880 to present. We combine a global sea surface (water) temperature (SST) dataset with a global land surface air temperature dataset into this merged dataset of both the Earth’s land and ocean surface temperatures, currently as version v4.0.1.

Air Temperature & Precipitation - University of Delaware

Monthly global gridded high-resolution station (land) data for air temperature and precipitation from 1901-2014. 0.5-degree resolution.

GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP) - NASA

Gridded Monthly Maps of Temperature Anomaly Data, 2-degree resolution

Gridded daily min/max temperatures - Met Office Hadley Centre

HadGHCND is a gridded daily temperature dataset based upon near-surface maximum (TX) and minimum (TN) temperature observations. It is designed primarily for the analysis of climate extremes and also for climate model evaluation. It spans the years 1950 to present and is available on a 2.5° latitude by 3.75° longitude grid.

Surface temperature - NOAA/ESRL/PSD

GISS Surface Temperature Analysis: Monthly anomalies for surface air temp and combined SST/air temp, 2-degree resolution.

CMAP Precipitation - NOAA

Monthly and pentad global gridded precipitation means. It includes a standard and enhanced version (with NCEP Reanalysis) from 1979 to near the present. 2.5-degree resolution.

ATSDR Social Vulnerability Index - CDC and Prevention

A measure of a community’s ability to respond to health challenges, such as infectious disease outbreaks. Index measures currated using US Census data.