Guidelines for Your Pitch

By October 22, 2011 October 13th, 2018 Uncategorized

Now that you’re in groups focusing on a specific project, the goal of the weekend is to hash out as much as possible about your idea in preparation for your funding pitch and beyond.

If you can build a demo or a product, prioritize that. Straight from Sutha Kamal, one of the judges.

Your pitch is only 3 minutes long so you’ll need to be concise. We want three slides max. You don’t have to include everything below, but think about these points.

Potential Impact:
What is the fundamental problem you are addressing and how big is the market?
What are the best existing solutions? How is your method superior to what already exists?

Technical Information:
What are the technical specifications for your product?
What is unspecified in your design? What will it take to further specify the components?
What are the drawbacks in your design?

Next Steps:
What are your next steps moving forward? Consider the following events (if applicable):
• Finish underlying research
• Lean startup – Customer validation
• Validate technical implementation
• Create prototype of product
• Launch to market

Break down each task into actionable items you’ll be doing in the future.

Good luck and we look forward to your great ideas!