April 13th-15th, 2018

MIT Campus

E14 (MIT Media Lab) 6th Floor, 75 Amherst St

@mithackmed #GrandHack

Are you interested in healthcare innovation?

Then this is the event for you!

Join MIT Hacking Medicine for one of the largest health hackathons in the world! This is the weekend to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with hundreds of like-minded engineers, clinicians, designers, developers and business people. Within our three hackathon tracks, there is sure to be a healthcare challenge for everyone!
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Global Public Health Track:

Affordable and Accessible Solutions that Will Scale

Creating solutions to minimize the stigma and challenges that surround patients living with their illness. This track will discover innovative approaches aimed to improve a patient’s ability to maintain a high level of independence by improving patient quality of life and patient outcomes.

Connected Health Track:

Breaking Down Barriers Across Health Systems

How can we use multi-source data to improve the provision of healthcare services? With the distribution of healthcare for a single patient across many providers, it is now more important than ever to improve synergy. This track will focus on innovating existing community workflows to promote quality healthcare delivery.

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Congrats to #NYCGrandHack2019 Physical Performance/Rehab track Runner-Up Triage Buddy! They want to help triage patients with physical injuries find the correct provider that will provide the fastest help.

@AmerMedicalAssn @atriushealth @MIT_LinQ @MITInnovation @AbelsonTaylor https://t.co/HptyKRV3jL
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Congratulations to #NYCGrandHack2019 Pediatric Cancer Runner-Up, Team Bear! They proposed a therapeutic, interactive, dual-purpose cancer bear to prevent PTSD in pediatric cancer patients.

@AmerMedicalAssn @atriushealth @MIT_LinQ @MITInnovation @AbelsonTaylor https://t.co/3ua2P0Jk6C
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Congrats to #NYCGrandHack2019 Mental Health Runner-Up & UHS Post-Hackathon Prize winner Supportcha! They proposed a video call platform that provides 24/7 listening services to students in need by peers across universities.
@AmerMedicalAssn @atriushealth @MIT_LinQ @AbelsonTaylor https://t.co/3jhBZeiwoP
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Congratulations to former @mithackmed co-director Christopher Lee & colleagues for developing a new treatment that could ease the passage of kidney stones @BEkidneystone https://t.co/PBaVdFpJ51

Congratulations to Pain Go Away! They won the Fordham-Foundry Prize at #NYCGrandHack2019 with Back Buddy, and app that optimizes the journey of back pain patients, improving patient outcomes.

@AmerMedicalAssn @atriushealth @MIT_LinQ @MITInnovation @AbelsonTaylor https://t.co/iwXVG1E34m
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#NYCGrandHack2019 team Go Together won the Mental Health Grand Prize & UHS Post-Hackathon Prize! They proposed a digital platform that uses an interactive team exercise to facilitate conversations in alcohol-use recovery.

@AmerMedicalAssn @atriushealth @MIT_LinQ @AbelsonTaylor https://t.co/LUYnTKA5Tx
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Doctors & techies are clashing at #digitalhealth companies, & 1 start-up exec is seeking a fix. Companies struggle b/c technologists & medical experts often sit on opposites sides, make discrete decisions & rarely communicate @CNBC @chrissyfarr


Congratulations to #NYCGrandHack2019 physical performance/rehab track grand prize winner, Careapy! They proposed a smart matching and tracking platform to foster better patient-therapist alliances.

@AmerMedicalAssn @atriushealth @MIT_LinQ @MITInnovation @AbelsonTaylor https://t.co/UdZr4B5CeQ
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Congratulations to #NYCGrandHack2019 pediatric cancer track grand prize winner, CLinform! They proposed a service to aggregate patient data from off-label drug-use cases and provide it for clinical trial modeling.

@AmerMedicalAssn @atriushealth @Deerfield @AbelsonTaylor https://t.co/UFk359LXIx
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