athenahealth connects providers to each other, their patients, and essential data. Interfaces allow different computer systems to communicate so clients can safely share information outside their network.

Developers have an opportunity to create interfaces that leverage the largest network in health care. Come to our first tech talk of the day and learn more about athenahealth’s developer portal!



Medical imaging should be accessible to everyone on the planet. Butterfly is democratizing accesss to clinical imaging through advances in semiconductors, deep learning and cloud computing. The Butterfly iQ ( is the world’s first handheld whole-body ultrasound. It guides users to acquire and interpret images using artificial intelligence and augmented reality, and costs 50 times less than comparable systems. More detailed information and instructions can be found here.



Kyruus offers leading enterprise solutions for health systems that optimize the patient experience across all channels of patient access. Learn more about their company and healthcare innovation at their tech talk today this afternoon!



Experience the power of connecting HL7® FHIR® apps to a unified health record. The InterSystems FHIR Sandbox is an instance of our HealthShare Information Exchange product, populated with synthetic data, and linked to popular SMART on FHIR apps.

The Sandbox is one of the industry’s only public, vendor agnostic environments. Develop your own FHIR DSTU2 apps, or adapt those available as open source, and test them. Then share your experience with others in the FHIR Implementers Group, a forum on our InterSystems Developer Community.