The BWH iHub prize includes:

  • Presentation and feedback on product at the iHub core committee’s October meeting.
  • A review on usability from BWH experts.
  • An invitation to present at the CareFWD 2013 conference in Boston on October 1.
  • A financial award.

In addition, the BWH iHub will provide awardees with an opportunity to bring their project into the iHub as an innovation pipeline project which may lead to commercialization or dissemination. This opportunity is subject to the execution of a mutually acceptable collaborative agreement.


Ariadne Labs is a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health started and run

by Atul Gawande, MD.  As a joint venture of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health, Ariadne Labs was created in the fall of 2012 to focus on the discovery of ways to transform the effectiveness and appropriateness of care at the most dangerous and costly moments in people’s lives—from childbirth to care at the end of life.

  • The Ariadne Labs Prize will be awarded to the team with a simple innovation that has the ability to have a large scale impact nationally or globally.
  • The team will get a chance to present their solution to Ariadne Labs leadership for a possible Spark grant of up to $100,000 (and free coffee) for further development of the innovation.


The STRATUS (Simulation, Training, Research and Technology Utilization System) Center for Medical Simulation, employing simulation technology, medical education, teamwork development, along with clinical education and research, is dedicated to improving the quality and delivery of healthcare for providers at all levels.

The STRATUS Center prize includes:

  • Eight hours of time in the simulation center (a mock-clinical setting) for a team to trial or test their new product or design.
  • Recording the session so that the team can use it as data or demonstrations at a later date.



The BWH Innovation Hub (iHub) will harness the power of our community’s inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. By providing support, connections, business analytics, resources, space, and tools to bring ideas from creation to commercialization, the iHub will unleash our innovators’ potential to reinvent healthcare.


*Prizes may be subject to change.