BIO2015 Idea Hack Recap

By June 24, 2015 October 13th, 2018 Uncategorized

The MIT Hacking Medicine team was at BIO2015 in Philadelphia to run a 4-hour, all hands on deck, action-filled Idea Hack last
Thursday, 18 June. We had a blast meeting all the participants and
getting the room to innovate solutions around three awesome
topic: personalized medicine, clinical trials, and patient engagement.
And yes, you heard me right — we held a 4-hour hackathon, and the ideas
were amazing!

Mike Spear from Genome Alberta caught up with our very own Ned
McCague and Chris Lee to give you a rundown of the controlled chaos:

If you wanted to see one of the most energetic
presentations at BIO 2015 in Philadelphia you needed to attend the Idea
Design Studio Hacking Medicine session put on by MIT. Ned McCague
(pictured below) led things off and continued to use his high energy
style to keep the attendees not only engaged, but also to help get them
actively involved and do some work…

Listen to the podcast here.